BAGS for tomorrow

Located at
1202 N 1st Street
Suite 3
Groton, SD 57445

Mailing Address
C/O Groton UMC
906 N 1st St
Groton, SD 57445







Board Members

Distribute Bags to applicants - in charge of getting bags from facility to the school, distributing bags to applicants on Fridays

Treasurer - deposit and disperse funds, pay bills, keep track of donations, send out end of year statements for sizable donations

Publicity/Website - maintain website, speak to groups, get work out about the program, be willing to speak to organizations about the program.

Secretary - take minutes, write thank you notes, email updates, help maintain online contact list, other correspondence work as needed including flyers.

Foods Committee - collect from donation sites, purchasing and ordering to ensure adequate supplies each week, sort into proper totes

Fund Raising/Donations - solicit donations and seek out other funding sources

Volunteer Scheduler - organize and seek out groups to put together bags on Wednesday nights - will be in charge of ensuring a person in charge is there to work with the groups each week.

Grant Writer - seek out grants and fill out applications for the program

BAGS for tomorrow Volunteer Members at Large - for interested people who would be willing to help, substitute, or work on specific projects that may arise.

Current Info

This is just a start of a list and am sure that changes will be made as we go along. Everyone is important to the success of this program. Thank you.